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Thank you for becoming an Exclusive Member of the cooperative network of websites. We look forward to working with you to ensure your success as an Exclusive Member. Feel free to contact Member Services, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm EST to assist you in growing your business. After the initial start date, your membership will continue month to month at the same low rate to ensure you maintain the first right of refusal as the Exclusive Member in the area(s) listed above. In the event that your payment is declined for any reason, your membership remains unpaid and authority to recharge has not been withdrawn, we will recharge your account until payment is received. The USHUD cooperative is not responsible for any overdraft fees that may occur as a result of attempted charges. Should you wish to either increase or decrease coverage areas, Membership Services can be notified 48 business hours prior to the renewal date either by phone or by email at 800-230-9519 or [email protected].

We are here to serve and help grow your business; to that end we offer additional services based on your individual goals. Member Services will be reaching out to you via phone within 24 business hours of your initial start date in order to see that you are satisfied with your banner and to ensure that all of your contact information is accurate. Contact information can be changed at any time while you are online by alerting Member Services regarding the changes requested. We strive to manage your membership as professionally and effectively as possible. Exclusive Memberships are renewed each month for the subsequent monthly cycle unless otherwise requested by the member.

Access our Resource Page (, designed to allow you to preview professional video suggestions and other valuable techniques and helpful tools to increase your success rate and close more transactions with less effort while online.

Suspension of Service/Refund Policy:

No refunds for canceling during a billing cycle are approved; if you wish to suspend service and avoid future billings please email [email protected] at least two business days prior to the scheduled renewal date. Your banner will be removed as soon as possible upon receiving your cancellation request and referral leads will no longer be forwarded. The member’s banner will be removed as soon as possible upon receiving a suspension request.

The cooperative will make every effort to ensure the members account remains current to include email notification and phone calls so that the member remains online within their exclusive area(s). Payment methods can be changed by the member and in cases where a new credit card is required due to expiration or for increased security please alert Member Services via email or telephone or respond to Member Services by email or telephone. If Member Services does not receive a response the members payment method on file will be processed until payment is current for up to 30 days. Problem billing may result in a suspension of services unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Cooperative Exclusive Sites include:,, and

Additional Information:

Exclusive Member Banner placement indicates that a member’s exclusive banner will never be in rotation with other competing professional members. One real estate agent and one loan officer will be displayed in any geographic area on any of the site(s) listed above while the exclusive members account remains active and current. Further, all home buyer and seller contact forms that are generated in primary areas on the sites listed above will be forwarded in real time to the email address provided by the exclusive member of the cooperative.

Courtesy areas are exclusive, but are not guaranteed for any length of time as there is no charge for courtesy areas. If you would like to secure a “Courtesy” area as a “Primary” area please call 800-230-9519 to secure your exclusive placement. Courtesy areas are not guaranteed to a real estate professional member for a specific time. All consumer contact forms may be forwarded to third parties in order to ensure the best possible follow up on each consumer contact submitted. In cases where the home buyer or seller contacts this office we will do our best to connect the consumer with the appropriate member in the designated area. 

Consumer contact forms are sent electronically to the non-competing exclusive professional members assigned to the area(s) and any courtesy area(s) that may be temporarily assigned. All contact forms are sent in real time and are considered exclusive to the Loan officer, Real Estate Agent and any other non-competing professionals in the particular area. In order to ensure the best possible consumer experience, the cooperative family of sites reserves the right to forward contact forms to third parties twenty four hours after they have been forwarded to the exclusive real estate professional members in any respective area(s).This agreement in no way implies or is meant to imply a partnership between the two parties. Each party shall hold the other harmless for any damages and each party agrees to resolve any dispute in a professional manner befitting the professional standards of conduct.

We are here to serve the needs of each member of the cooperative whatever they may be, time permitting. Please contact Member Services as often as possible so that we may address any concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Best of Business,                                                        

William Hann, EVP                             
65 Old Solomons Island Road, Ste. 208
Annapolis, MD 21401
P: (800) 230-9519 | M-F 9am-5pm EST

E: [email protected]


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