In a highly competitive industry, real estate professionals need to use a variety of marketing tactics to connect with prospective clients. Consider the following as you carry out your real estate marketing strategy this year. 

Social media is a must.

One of the best ways to market to Millennial homebuyers is through social media. The younger generations are reliant on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news sources and research purposes. Real estate agents who are not already taking advantage of social media capabilities are doing themselves a disservice. Agents can use social media for promoting good real estate press, connecting with prospective clients, promoting their listings, and so much more. 

You website must be mobile-friendly.

We need not forget that many people are more reliant on their mobile devices then their computers. Much of an agent’s web traffic to their site will be coming from searches conducted on smartphones. For this reason, real estate agents need to ensure their website is mobile-friendly. People will lose patience if you do not have fast load times or your layouts are not formatted for their devices.

Maintain a consistent follow-up schedule.

Real estate agents often will miss out on opportunities because they did not do their due-diligence and follow-up with leads. If you have leads funneling into your Pipedrive, you need to be consistent with connecting with those individuals in a timely manner. The longer you wait the less of a chance you will have converting them into a client. This applies to leads obtain via your ad campaign, social media, through email, and so forth.