Platinum E-Agreement Addendum

Free Platinum Membership


Both parties agree that a period of time is required to create and maintain an effective online presence. It is for this reason that an additional 90 day addendum to the e-Agreement is in both parties interest referred to here as a “Free Platinum Membership” for which the cooperative will perform and make available additional services and offerings which are not covered in the standard Exclusive Membership.  This addendum has no effect on the billing dates moving forward and the Platinum Member will be billed once a month for the duration of the term at the same low monthly price as indicated in the e-Agreement. 

The Platinum Member noted below with time and date stamp has agreed to this addendum via audio signature indicating that they acknowledge and agree to the additional three month term and that they would like to generate additional business which is beyond the scope of the standard e-Agreement which they have already received. As an existing member there is no cost for this Platinum Membership, which is the reason for the three month commitment required to allow for the additional services to be provided and gain traction before results should be expected. 


Additional free services and offerings include but are not limited to: 

  1. Free Website Generating More Business
    1. Create cobranded website with a high level domain name/URL* at no cost (normally $20.00)
    2. Host the cobranded website at no cost (normally $25.00/month)
    3. Update website each day at 3:00am EST (normally $49.00/month)
    4. Platinum Member exclusive in every area (normally $349 a month per area).
    5. Website submission to Google search engine, Google My Business, Bing and Bing Places (Normally $225.00) Savings subtotal $668.00.  *URL subject to availability. 
  2. Free Assistance Building and Maintaining of Online Presence

Assistance and support including Google, Bing, Facebook (normally $85.00 a month)   

  1. Free Support from Online Real Estate, Mortgage and Social Media Experts

Available upon request from experts in: Online Real Estate, Foreclosure Real Estate, Online Lead

Generation, Selling and Listing Foreclosures, Proven Methods of Closing More Transactions from Online Generated Business (normally $170.00 month) 

                                                                                                                               Total savings: $923.00   


Member Services is a full service department designed to support all members of the Cooperative. All members are encouraged to contact Member Services, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST for any reason. The Cooperative is a network of like-minded professionals that are highly trained to assist its members in growing their business. At the end of the initial period of membership the Platinum Members account will be adjusted to month to month at the same low rate unless a request is made to add or subtract area(s) or otherwise adjust the membership by the member.  Member Services can be notified either by phone or by email. Please contact [email protected] or 800-230-9519 within 48 hours business hours prior to this agreement expiring. 

Refunds for suspension of services are not issued during billing cycles; if a suspension of service is requested, to avoid future billings please call 800-230-9519 or email [email protected] at least two business days prior to the scheduled billing after the term of this addendum. The member’s banner will be removed as soon as possible upon receiving a suspension request. Member resume submissions will stop being submitted. In cases where there is a health issue or family emergency please contact Member Services so that these unfortunate situations can be addressed and handled. In most cases a pause will be placed on the account. 


Agreement Executed via  by:   


Date: 11/30/2022

Credit Card Ending In:  


Best of Business,                                                        

William Hann, EVP                              

65 Old Solomons Island Road, Ste. 208 Annapolis, MD 21401

P: (800) 230-9519 | M-F 9am-5pm EST

E: [email protected]


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