Are you a seller who is motivated to sell your home? It is important to keep in mind that you will need to be flexible when it comes to home showings. While it may be inconvenient to you, there may be times where you need to leave your home at a moment’s notice to make way for interested buyers to tour the home. Here are some important steps you may want to take to cope with last-minutes showings as a seller.

Wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops

Buyers today want to see the condition of your kitchen and bathroom countertops. In order to ensure they look their best, you want to spend a few moments wiping down these surfaces thoroughly.

Make all beds

This should only take you a matter of minutes. However, this is one step that can’t be forgotten. If you have children, be sure their beds are made before buyers tour your home.

Take out all garbage

Before you exit your home, be sure to grab the trash on your way out. This will help to eliminate any potential odors.

Put clutter out of sight

This may include papers, mail, magazines that accumulate on your desk. Your best best is to put these kinds of items into drawers so they are out of sight.

Vacuum/sweep floors

It is amazing what a few minutes vacuuming can do for a room. As a seller, you should know where your vacuum, broom, and dustpan is so you can find them in a moments notice.

Put all dishes into the dishwasher

No buyer is going to be excited to see dirty dishes in the sink. If you don’t have time to hand wash dirty dishes and put them away, your next best option is to put any dirty dishes, pots, pans, and silverware into the dishwasher.