USHUD Cooperative

Exclusive Representation

Why share a single Zip Code with dozens of competing professionals?

With USHUD you are the ONLY real estate agent or loan officer presented to the home buyers. The USHUD cooperative never shares, rotates or presents more than one real estate agent to the home buyers. Our aim is to create more business for the exclusive professional and remove any confusion for the home buyers.

Providing exclusive representation allows USHUD members to generate a significantly higher ROI than sites that provide numerous real estate professionals in the same geographic area.

USHUD Cooperative

Greater Exposure

Home buyers don’t focus on a single Zip Code, so why should your exposure be limited to one Zip Code? The USHUD Cooperative provides exposure in regions or groups of Zip Codes organized by the way people live, work and shop. Zip Code groups deliver greater exposure and more exclusive leads to the members of the Cooperative.

USHUD Cooperative

Extensive Information on Each Lead

Each lead is filtered for obvious mistakes before being sent in real time to the local professional member. USHUD Cooperative leads have more information than typical leads. The additional information is designed to make building rapport quick and easy. USHUD also sends an auto responder in real time to each lead in order to prepare the buyer for your call.
Extensive studies indicate that shoppers of all types go online to sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Zillow, Realtor or USHUD for faster results and to save money. Our most successful members speak to these points immediately by presenting their superior service and negotiation skills as benefits to potential buyers and sellers.

USHUD Cooperative

Custom Marketing to Reach Business Goals

The USHUD Cooperative is available as a flexible service. No long term contracts are required. Most cooperative professionals maintain their membership for 6-18 months. Approximately 90% of cooperative members reinstate their memberships. We are proud to have members that have been with the cooperative for over 13 years.

USHUD Cooperative

Websites with IDX Feeds & #1 Rated Apps

Every USHUD Cooperative member is provided a free website with a free IDX feed. The IDX feed is updated daily with luxury, conventional and bargain properties. Our most successful members have taken advantage of the free Platinum Package which also provides the real estate professional with a high level domain name at no cost. These services are provided to maximize the professional’s success rate. Members that have taken advantage of this free offering report selling a dozen or more homes each year from the website that we created for them.

USHUD Cooperative

Platinum Membership

The free Platinum Membership is designed to provide local real estate professionals with added value and more business at no additional cost. The USHUD Cooperative assists each Platinum Member with a free website, IDX feed as well as a high level domain name. Platinum membership has proven to generate more leads per visitor than any other website regardless of expense. The USHUD Cooperative further assists the Platinum Member in submitting their free website to Google and Bing for additional search engine exposure, traffic and free leads. Additionally Platinum Members are provided an easy to use resume builder to open the door to asset managers in order to gain additional listings.

USHUD Cooperative

Award Winning Customer Service

The USHUD Cooperative Member Services team has been recognized with several awards for responsiveness and client satisfaction. The team has more employees than any other online real estate platform per professional user. In order to provide the highest level of support in the industry each department manager has an extensive background in the practical real estate environment. This has allowed the USHUD cooperative to maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau since inception as well as being awarded one of the highest ratings for any business online on TrustPilot, CrowdReviews and Google Reviews.

USHUD Cooperative

Strategies & Call Guides

The USHUD Cooperative is invested in every member’s success. Strategies, Call Guides and an extensive Video Library for increasing closings are available. Industry specific research indicates that by modifying the way we approach online leads our closing ratios can be multiplied 500% or more. These innovative strategies improve connectivity and maximize results by following simple and easy methods of engagement.

USHUD Cooperative

Effective Advertising at a Lower Cost

The average Zillow, Trulia and Realtor (ZTR) advertiser pays 5 times more than USHUD.com and receives less return. Because USHUD Cooperative is not publically traded, we are not beholden to investors. We are committed to the members of the cooperative. As an example, where Zillow charges $1300 a month for 10% of a single Zip Code, USHUD provides a more powerful solution with proven results for less than 20% of the investment.

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