Sellers and agents need to be aware of what buyers are looking for today. For years, carpeting, honey-oak cabinets, and popcorn ceilings were all appealing features to buyers. However, they are all significantly less desirable in 2021. Read on and discover a few home features that many buyers are looking for in their next home.

Laundry room

Buyers today want to have a separate area in their home dedicated for laundry. For many, it is a top priority. It is nice to have a separate room where you can iron and stack clean clothes, without it disrupting a common living space. If you are a seller and do not already have a laundry room, your best bet is to move your washer and dryer to your basement. It is a cost-effective solution that will appeal to many buyers. 

Walk-in pantry

Now more than ever people like to buy food in bulk. Many Americans made the switch to buying more items in bulk as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many Americans do not have the luxury of having the cabinet space for a lot of non-perishable food items. Also, buyers today understand how quickly a counter space can become crowded when you consider common appliances, storage containers, and condiments. Even a small walk-in pantry is a huge selling feature for a home in 2021.

Hardwood floors

As mentioned before, more and more people today are choosing hardwood floors over carpet. While carpet is nice to walk on, hardwood flooring is easier to maintain, and is significantly more durable than carpet. Also, it can be refinished over the years as well. Sellers today may want to consider ripping out carpeting in rooms like living and dining rooms to upgrade to hardwood floors.